Consult Engineering located in Pristina, Kosovo, is a company providing services in various land-oriented disciplines, including agriculture, land administration, cadastre, surveying and GIS. The quality of the services delivered from our company were acknowledged when Consult Engineering received its certification by ISO 9001:2008 in the field of land surveying services, GIS and Project Management.
Founded in 2007 in Kaçanik, its main mission was to provide services related to infrastructure projects and forestry. Seven years after its inception, the mission of Consult engineering still remains to furnish its clients with the best qualitative services in the two above-mentioned field.
The geographical area in which projects of Consult Engineering have been implemented is Kosovo. However, the exponential growth of this company promises an increase beyond this region.




Consult Engineering offers great services in agriculture and forestry, land administration, cadastre, surveying and GIS. We always strive to provide the best services to our clients in competitive prices that truly reflect what we offer. In addition, Consult Engineering constantly undergoes change to improve its services.

We invest continuously to improve ourselves so that we can improve our services. In this company, we have hired only those who are passionate about what they do. This way we have ensured a thrilling and enthusiastic environment in our surroundings. Such environment has also contributed to being 100% committed to each project; hence, each of them were successfully finished.If success is what you wish for your project, then contact us.