Since its inception, Consult Engineering has undertaken numerous different projects. In all of these, pertaining to its vow and mission to deliver the most qualitative service, it has succeeded.

Ongoing projects

  • Implementation of an Intensified Inventory of Forest Plantations Open or Close

    Implementation of an Intensified Inventory of Forest Plantations

    The main objective behind this project is to improve the spatial data and information on the extent of forest plantations and the potential for afforestation/reforestation at national level in Kosovo and later, improve the data and information on historical forest plantations. The scope of this project entails various tasks which will be performed by Consult Engineering such as implementing remote sensing survey, produce thematic maps, field inventory on a few selected plots to assess the quality of these plots, establish a register of existing forest plantations and the potential areas for afforestation/reforestation, and lastly create a register of historical forest plantations through analyzing existing data in different institutions.

  • Developing rural areas through advancing counseling services. Open or Close

    Developing rural areas through advancing counseling services.

    In this project, Consult Engineering will perform several tasks aiming rural development. These tasks include meetings with experts in the field, in which farmers will be given advises in different agriculture-related topics. As part of this project, we will also produce brochures and other materials containing relevant information based on the plan for rural development of the Ministry. Consult Engineering will also plan and organize a variety of visits to different successful farmers in national and regional level, with the purpose of exchanging information and profit-bringing techniques. Every task of the activity will be posted in a web page which will also be monitored by Consult Engineering.

  • Land consolidation services in Republic of Kosovo Open or Close

    Land consolidation services in Republic of Kosovo.

    This project has a special importance both for our company and our country. It is one of the largest projects we have undertaken and it will improve the delivery of policies and infrastructure in the rural area. This large project consists of gathering existing notes on properties of land and checking if they match with the situation in the field. However, the main aim of the project is to create regular forms of plots and hence, facilitate and enhance farmers’ work and products.

    As part of this project, citizens have been dully informed of the operations that will be undertaken by Consult Engineering for this project.

    After all the measurements in the field are conducted, the process of rearranging and readjusting boundaries of the plots of land based on the laws and after getting approved from the Commission, will begin. Through this project, we are aiming to resolve ownership issues between farmers, too.

  • Development of management plans Open or Close

    Development of management plans

    Consult Engineering complied forestry management plans for Kosovo Forest Agency. In this project, the boundaries of plots were defined, forest inventory was completed, and important facts about flora and fauna in the area and how they could be used have been also compiled. After all the information collected, Consult Engineering presented its management plan to Kosovo Forest Agency in form of a book, in which it had bundled the result of all the research and its recommendations.

Finished projects