Study visit in Virovitica County, Croatia

Consult Engineering has organized a study visit as part of its project “Developing rural areas through advancing counseling services” with Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development. The visit has been planned for a while now. Virovitica has been chosen due to its renowned reputation in agriculture and with the aim of informing Kosovo representatives on the latest agricultural techniques used over there. During this study visit, Kosovo municipal advisers and Ministry representatives had the chance to acquaint themselves with the most recent technology and generate ideas on how these could be incorporated into Kosovo’s agriculture. The visit lasted 5 days, throughout which different topics in the field of agriculture have been discussed and presented to the participants from Kosovo. The participants are on their way back here. Having continuously received reports from our representative there, Consult Engineering is pleased with the flow of the visit, however, it will monitor closely the progress afterwards.

Monday, 19  September 2014



‘Ferma ime’ writes about Consult Enginee…

14-11-2014 MOD_NEWS_PRO_GK5_NHITS7198 News Super User

‘Ferma ime’ writes about Consult Engineering project The success of the ‘Developing rural areas through advancing counseling services’ is now visible. One of the latest articles in the farmers’ news portal...

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Development of Management Plans

01-08-2014 MOD_NEWS_PRO_GK5_NHITS3527 News Super User

Development of Management Plans Consult Engineering has signed a contract with Kosovo Forest Agency for executing the project “Development of Management Plans.” This project aims to perform an inventory of forests and...

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Development of rural areas

01-08-2014 MOD_NEWS_PRO_GK5_NHITS3133 News Super User

Development of rural areas Consult Engineering, in cooperation with Deloitte Kosova LLC, has signed a contract with MAFRD to carry out the project “Development of rural areas through advancing advisory services”...

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Land consolidation project

01-08-2014 MOD_NEWS_PRO_GK5_NHITS3236 News Super User

Land consolidation project Consult Engineering has begun the project on Land Consolidation in Republic of Kosovo. The main purpose of this project is to group the land so that it can...

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FAO contract

31-07-2014 MOD_NEWS_PRO_GK5_NHITS3351 News Super User

FAO contract In cooperation with Geo&Land LLC, Consult Engineering has signed a contratc with the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations for “Support to implementation of the Forest Policy and...

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Our history

In 2007


Consult Engineering was founded with the hard work of its founders. Initially Consult Engineering’s staff consisted

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In 2009


After creating experience in the field, Consult Engineering expanded by increasing its expertise areas by inviting GIS and land

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In June 2011

Developing Management Plans

Consult Engineering begun its project on Developing of Management Plans for Kosovo Forest Agency.

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In 2012

Second Expansion

After taking on several larger projects, Consult Engineering’s staff expanded to include specialists in agriculture.

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In May 2013

Increasing awareness in protecting forests and forest lands

Consult Engineering took on to finish one of its largest projects,

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In 2014

Land Consolidation

Consult Engineering began working in the Land Consolidation project by Ministry of Agriculture,Forestry,

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